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catalog number 21153

She is the outstanding, iconic voice of the Kurdish people. For a quarter of a century, Aynur has intertwined the traditional colors of her homeland, including bardic songs and the ancient and modern poetry of Kurdistan with classical, jazz, and pop. With her eighth album "Rabe" Aynur intertwines many threads of her more than 20-year career. Nearly 20 musicians contribute to this work, recorded in Cologne and Catalonia. Aynur arranged with jazz pianist Franz von Chossy, whose spatial sound design played a significant role in the predecessor "Hedûr" (2019). With von Chossy, Patrick Goraguer on drums, and Chris Jennings on bass, a magnificent rhythm section has come together in countless concerts. Snarky Puppy's leader Michael League plays electric guitar himself and mixes the strings, while Wu Man, the most famous Chinese pipa virtuoso, is featured as a guest on two tracks. The result is a multifaceted sound landscape, exuding folklore flair, featuring meditative interludes and jazzy improvisations, as well as gripping, funky moments. "Rabe" represents a high point in Aynur's career: With love poetry, spirituality, and unwavering determination for freedom, the album showcases a matured artist who asserts herself as the greatest Kurdish voice of the 21st century.


# 1 Transglobal World Music Chart, May 2024

# 3 World Music Charts Europe, May 2024