Friedhelm Döhl Edition Vol. 9
Orchestral works


Sinfonieorchester des Norddeutschen Rundfunks Hamburg
/ Hans Zender
Rundfunkorchester Hannover des NDR
/ Othmar Mága
Basler Sinfonieorchester
/ Moshe Atzmon

Catalogue number 21042

“Ikaros – Döhl’s music seems nervous, fragile, vulnerable. It is full of tempestuous outbreaks and unexpected collapses, attempts at expressive development, but also zones of depressive resignation. The proximity to Webern’s orchestra pieces op. 6 is often tangible.” (Baseler Zeitung)

About the Friedhelm Döhl Edition

"Edition of the year" - Tilmann Urbach, Fono Forum 12/2009

"Performances and supporting documentation are admirable."
Cambridge University Press

„Une voix des profondeurs dans le désert du présent“
Fred Audin/ ClassiqueInfo-Disque, 2/2009